Best Things To Do In Amsterdam!

It is one of the cities you can explore several times! You never get bored! With its beautiful canal network, world-class museums, and rich history, it is considered the world’s most vibrant city.

The one thing about Amsterdam that’s cool is that it’s the best destination for anybody looking for a place to rest their head. Amsterdam is a great place to find some stunning areas to take a break from the usual routine.

Here Are The Top Things To Do In Amsterdam Listed Below:

  • Stroll Around Vondelpark
  • Visit Rijksmuseum
  • Explore Royal Palace
  • Discover the City through the Canals

Stroll Around Vondelpark:

Vondelpark is one of the top sites in Amsterdam. It is most popular, and Vondelpark is 120 acres of landscaped grounds in the middle of the city. The park opened in 1865 and is still as popular as ever.

Many tourists and visitors love this park for exercising, dog walking, strolling, sitting on the grass and much more. It is the best place to relax from daily stress.

Visit Rijksmuseum:

It is one of the famous and largest museums in the Netherlands. It is in an admirable building on Museum Square.

Rijksmuseum closed for ten years for general renovation and restoration and re-opened in 2013. It has 800 exhibits which include paintings by Frans Hall and Johannes Vermeer.

Explore Royal Palace in Amsterdam:

Royal Palace is one of the best places in Amsterdam. It is situated at Dam Square and is considered an impressive building.

The architecture of the building is stunning and stands out from other buildings in Amsterdam. Even if you have one day tour to Amsterdam, you must visit the Royal Palace. It was constructed around 1650. The interior of the palace is so beautiful, and also there are a lot of beautiful paintings on display.

Discover the City through the Canals

Amsterdam’s location on the water means that a ship excursion is a must-to-do in this city. With over one hundred kilometers of canals, Amsterdam can be explored from the water at the same time as seated quite simply.

In case you’re travelling with youngsters and the best way to keep away from having to stroll long distances whilst nevertheless attending to see some of the points of interest that make this city popular.

Of course, there are also different excursion operators in Amsterdam that provide canal cruises. A few include drinks, snacks, or even dinners and offer a suitable way to loosen up after a long day of sightseeing in the metropolis. There are also audio publications in different languages, so you can learn more about the charming history and culture of Amsterdam.

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best cathedral cities in England

Best Cathedral Cities in England

Best Cathedral Cities in England

The abundance of cathedrals in England is not only a captivating insight into the country’s religious history but a remarkable example of its iconic and enduring art & architecture. You will be able to discover a cathedral in most of the UK’s cities, but few particular views are a must to visit for any cathedral connoisseur.

Each city has a church with a history and fascinating art & architectural heritage. I hope you enjoy reading this blog. Here are the details of cathedral cities in England you will want to visit:

Winchester Cathedral

It is one of the best cathedral cities in England. It is not just fascinating to see, but also one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. The cathedral situated in Winchester since 648 AD, and it has been redesigned several times since then. Because of its great length, considered one of the longest cathedrals in Europe.

There are a few of Britain’s ancient kings and queens buried here, and also it is the burial place of the most popular author of England, Jane Austen. Beyond the cathedral, you can enjoy a peaceful river walk, see beautiful gardens, and discover heritage architecture.

Canterbury Cathedral

When we discuss the stunning cathedral cities of England, Canterbury is hard to beat. Dating back to 597, the Canterbury cathedral consider as one of the most important and oldest Christians buildings in England. It is the cathedral of the Archbishop, who is the leader of the church. He was murdered in the cathedral in 1170 and also buried there.

Canterbury is considered one of the best cities in England because of its mix of religious significance and pleasant atmosphere.

Lincoln Cathedral

In the past, Lincoln cathedral was considered one of the tallest buildings in the world. Dating back to the 11th century, the structure of the cathedral is a gothic masterpiece. Inside the cathedral, you will be surrounded by pillars and Victorian stained glass windows.

Beyond the cathedral, Lincoln is full of chocolate-box streets and lots of shops & cafes.

Wells Cathedral

Wells is the smallest city in England, feel very much like a town. But, its centrepiece, the stunning cathedral, is honestly a wonder. Defined as ‘the most poetic cathedral in Britain, it’s arguably one of the stunning examples of gothic architecture inside the country. Wells as a cathedral city dates back to around 909 AD, but many features of the cathedral were constructed between 1175 and 1490.

The front is a sight to behold, presenting a plethora of statues tucked into alcoves and sharp spires achieving up into the sky. Interior, you’ll observe the famous scissor arches and complex carvings dotted around the building, and also a 14th-century astronomical clock which is stated to be the oldest in Europe.

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Best travel hacks for being stress-free

Best Travel Hacks for being stress-free

Best Travel Hacks for being stress-free

Let’s make your life easier with the best travelling hacks when you’re booking travel and accommodation. These hacks have been a lifesaver for you over the years, so I think you find them helpful. Travelling is all about fun until few problems taking the wrong turns or finding yourself wallet-less the next morning can ruin your plan in a second. To make your trip hassle-free and enable you to enjoy your travel, here is a list of a few travel hacks you can put to utilize on your next tour.

Roll Your Clothes For More Space:

Have you faced a problem with fitting your clothes in your bag whenever you travel? This packing hack is the best solution for your clothes. Rather than folding your clothes, roll them. That will offer you more space and also protect your clothes from wrinkles.

Take An Extra Credit Card:

Sometimes mishap happens. It is perfect for you to have an extra card if you get robbed or lose a card. Nobody wants to be stuck in a new place without access to your funds. So it’s better to take an extra credit card with you.

Take A Power Bank Wherever You Go:

This hack is helpful, particularly these days in the age of social media, video communication, email, and trip apps like Uber and Airbnb. That is all made achievable by our mobiles and other electronic tools. So having a power bank if your battery goes down is such a big help. Another benefit is you can take your device wherever you go while recharging it.  

Turn On “Private Browsing” When Booking Tickets Online:

Airways and tour sites have the best way of tracking you when you book tickets online. They install cookies to your browser and make your subsequent seek pricier since you’ve proven interested in those flights earlier than. You’ll also get pop-ups and notifications on your browser approximately promos your concept will help you save. Incorrect! It is frequently only trick airlines and tour websites use to inspire impulse buying. You can keep away from this through reality switch to private browsing or going incognito.

Email Yourself A Scan Of Your Passport:

This tour hack will save you from the unexpected nightmare of travelling – dropping your passport. So if ever that sudden nightmare happens even as you’re far away from home, at least you are ready. It can also be helpful when you save a copy of your passport on your phone. Especially in instances wherein the net is not available.

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4 Beautiful Castles in London

4 Beautiful Castles in London

4 Beautiful Castles in London

The places surrounding London are filled with a few of the UK’s most beautiful castles. Explore them is the best way to discover more about the history of these lands.

London is one of my favourite cities and will also steal my heart. Here are the most impressive castles in and near London that you shouldn’t miss.

Bodiam Castle

Each person is aware that the best castles have moats – and Bodiam fortress in East Sussex has an incredible one. The fort was made in the 14th century by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge.

Today, it’s far one of the best castles in all of England. Photographers, historians and romantics are all possible to be completely besotted through the beautiful fort.

It also boasts expansive grounds complete with walking trails where you can find plenty of specific plants – and maybe a few lovely animals like hedgehogs.

Herstmonceux Castle

The imposingly stunning Herstmonceux fortress is specific as it’s far one of all the big and maximum full-size brick-constructed castles within the United Kingdom.

Surrounded by a large moat with a bridge throughout, it’s far one of the maximum stunning castles close to London. Without a doubt, this is my personal favourite – now not simplest is it pretty lovely, but it’s additionally much quieter than a few of the better-known castles close by.

As well as the fantastic castle, the stainless grounds are also appropriate, with lots of walking and cycling trails.

It is additionally a hub for science, as it is domestic to the Herstmonceux Science Centre that amongst other things, has a brilliant collection of telescopes.

Rochester Castle

Even though it is technically in a ruinous situation, Rochester fort features as one of the perfect preserved ‘keep’ everywhere in the UK or France.

The hold became built-in 1127, as the fort’s area was of amazing tactical importance. As a result, it becomes closely fortified.

Most popularly, King John lay siege to rebels held up inside the fortress; a part of the preserve become destroyed, and in the end, starvation triggered the rebels to surrender.

By the seventeenth century, the fort had fallen partially to damage. It has been in part restored and is one of the most stunning fortress ruins in England. The fort is controlled by English background, and contributors get in free. For non-contributors, tickets can be bought at the castle or online.

Hever Castle

The beautiful Hever fort in Kent, is one of the most ancient in England, having been lived in through not one but two of Henry 8 wives – Anne Boleyn and Anne of Cleves.

It was built as a country house in the 13th century but was fortified and later was the house of the Boleyn family for almost a century.

This link with the Boleyn own family is one of the exciting things about the fortress, and there are several exhibits of files and gadgets referring to the family and the Tudors.

There also are stunning gardens or even a brand new water lawn that’s tremendous for kids.

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Famous Art Galleries in Manchester

Famous Art Galleries in Manchester 

Manchester is best for those looking to explore impressive, unique, and classic museums, covering modern art to the history of democracy and beyond. 

If you are looking for fun and exciting things to do in Manchester, it has a lot in history. If you find the best museums, art galleries in Manchester, then you are in the right place. Here you can see modern and classic art or even walk via the rooms. That once housed literary royalty. 

This blog will provide you with information about the museums and famous Art Galleries in Manchester that are sure to excite and thrill, as well as educate you and your family. 

Salford Museum & Art Gallery:

The Salford Museum open as the UK’s first free public library in 1850 and then later became a museum & art gallery. It is only a few minutes from the Manchester city centre, situated in the heart of Peel Park. 

The museum provides the chance for adults and children to revel in a genuine recreation of life in the Victorian Salford. There are also purposeful activities for the kids, including the Explorer Trail, where adults can connect with historical figures throughout the galleries. 

Science & Industry Museum: 

It is one of the best museums for kids, although there is plenty to amaze the youngsters when their children run playing with the experiments on the top floor. 

Here you can learn about the stars, the universe, and even robotics! The museum is not only for the science geeks. It interestingly explains everything. You can also learn about the Industrial Revolution, the first computer, and much more. 

Manchester Jewish Museum: 

It is one of the largest Jewish Museums in Britain. The museum covers the whole history of Judaism in Great Britain and all around the globe. At Manchester Jewish Museum, you will discover many fascinating and unique things, such as a diary from a refugee girl, an English/Hebrew teapot and a collection of goods from Holocaust survivors who went into hiding during the war. 

It has over 500 pieces of oral history evidence that describe the Jewish migrants to the city, thousands of pictures from early immigrants, and ceremonial silverware. You will also discover many to see and do near the Manchester Jewish Museum. 

The Manchester Museum: 

This museum is part of the University of Manchester. You can learn about Darwin & Turing and also find exhibitions of mummies from ancient Greece and dinosaur skeletons. It has more than 4 million items from all around the world like Roman coins and much more. The museum is open daily, and the entrance is free for all. 

Castlefield Art Gallery:

Castlefield gallery provides Nicola Ellis’s first solo exhibition offering large-scale paintings advanced throughout a two-yr artist placement at Ritherdon & Co Ltd, a manufacturer of metal enclosures based in Darwen, Lancashire.

Works encompass steel panels covered with ‘lifeless powder’ the leftover paint from the manufacturing facility day by day jobs excessively implemented. So that it slips and drips as it dries, business strip lights connected to real-time light sensors in the manufacturing facility and a video set up displaying how tempo and rhythm are about, modified and communicated.

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Classic Cars Hire for Special Occasion

Classic Cars Hire for Special Occasion

Want to celebrate a special event such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday or graduation? Renting a classic car is becoming the best option for those who wish to celebrate in style.

Buying a classic car is always been a dream of anyone. But, by renting cars from us, you can enjoy your ride. At Super Car Hire, we provide a vast selection of classic and supercars to choose from for any occasion.

Making Events Truly Unforgettable

With a vast range of vehicles such as Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce, you enjoy travelling in our classic cars that are suited to your lifestyle.

Whether making a good impression at your business event or arriving at high-class functions in style, we are always happy to provide our vehicles for all business and personal tours.


It is always a special event. But at Super Car Hire, we try to make it more memorable with our supercars hire in the UK. You can celebrate your day with a great choice of chauffeured luxury cars within our exceptional fleet, including models from leading brands consisting of Rolls Royce, Bentley and Mercedes, to name some.

We have experience in making precious wedding memories for happy couples throughout London. And it’s far our privilege to help you to relive your special day as you sit by and relax in one of our costly chauffeur driven cars.

Evening Outings:

We provide exceptional evening outing chauffeured cars hire in the UK, so whether you are engaging with the city nightlife or enjoying a meal out, you can arrive in a unique style. You can enjoy your ride in one of our luxurious vehicles. Ensuring that it is virtually night to keep in mind, your chauffeur will deal you to the VIP service, permitting you to get the movie star experience in proper style. Our fleet is selected to ensure all eyes are on you while you make your entrance, a special night out that you will cherish for all time.

Tours with Family:

Super Car Hire is devoted to making your special occasion more enchanting with their exclusive fleet. We make your tour with family more excited with the help of our supercars.

Book a Classic Car for the Weekend

One of our best options is renting a classic car makes any weekend away one to remember!

When you hire from us, we will bring to you – wherever you are in the country. We also provide a meet and greet service at UK airports, so you book our cars and hit British roads in style.

Modern Classic Sports Car Hire

You may prefer more modern for your classic car hire experience. Our modern classic sports cars hire in the UK include a Ferrari F8 Spider with the best interior and a sporty white BMW. Alternatively, we have classic travelling cars for rent; a beautiful Mercedes – a rare one with a speed manual gearbox, and a stunning Bentley. Finally, we have a fabulous Rolls Royce convertible with a luxury leather interior.

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