The abundance of Cathedral Cities Of England is not only a captivating insight into the country’s religious history but a remarkable example of its iconic and enduring art & architecture. You will be able to discover a cathedral in most of the UK’s cities, but few particular views are a must to visit for any cathedral connoisseur.

Each city has a church with a history and fascinating art & architectural heritage. I hope you enjoy reading this blog. Here are the details of cathedral cities in England you will want to visit:

Winchester Cathedral

It is one of the best cathedral cities in England. It is not just fascinating to see, but also one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. The cathedral situated in Winchester since 648 AD, and it has been redesigned several times since then. Because of its great length, considered one of the longest cathedrals in Europe.

There are a few of Britain’s ancient kings and queens buried here, and also it is the burial place of the most popular author of England, Jane Austen. Beyond the cathedral, you can enjoy a peaceful river walk, see beautiful gardens, and discover heritage architecture.

Canterbury Cathedral

When we discuss the stunning cathedral cities of England, Canterbury is hard to beat. Dating back to 597, the Canterbury cathedral consider as one of the most important and oldest Christians buildings in England. It is the cathedral of the Archbishop, who is the leader of the church. He murdered in the cathedral in 1170 and also buried there.

Canterbury is considered one of the best cities in England because of its mix of religious significance and pleasant atmosphere.

Lincoln Cathedral

In the past, Lincoln cathedral considered one of the tallest buildings in the world. Dating back to the 11th century, the structure of the cathedral is a gothic masterpiece. Inside the cathedral, you will surrounded by pillars and Victorian stained glass windows.

Beyond the cathedral, Lincoln is full of chocolate-box streets and lots of shops & cafes.

Wells Cathedral

Wells is the smallest city in England, feel very much like a town. But, its centrepiece, the stunning cathedral, is honestly a wonder. Defined as ‘the most poetic cathedral in Britain, it’s arguably one of the stunning examples of gothic architecture inside the country. Wells as a cathedral city dates back to around 909 AD, but many features of the cathedral were constructed between 1175 and 1490.

The front is a sight to behold, presenting a plethora of statues tucked into alcoves and sharp spires achieving up into the sky. Interior, you’ll observe the famous scissor arches and complex carvings dotted around the building, and also a 14th-century astronomical clock which is stated to be the oldest in Europe.