York is situated in the northeastern part of England. It is the largest city in Yorkshire. As one of the ancient cities in the UK, the history goes back to Roman times. It is filled with things to do and sights that shows many layers of its history. As you explore York city, you will find every part of its modern life linked with its past. For first time tourists, I will share the lists of five Historical Place To Visit that you must visit in York:

Clifford’s Tower

Clifford’s Tower was constructed by William in 1086. First of all, it was built as a wooden structure placed high on the motte that still stands today. The tower was rebuilt from limestone in the 13th century. Now it was managed by English heritage, tourists to Clifford’s Tower can climb up its steep and winding steps for attractive views of York.

York Castle Museum

Constructed on the place of the original castle, the York Castle Museum gives a remarkable vision into the English way of life throughout the centuries. Memorable parts include Kirkgate, the best recreation of a Victorian street, history of children’s toys, a Victorian parlor and a 17th-century dining room. Another captivating feature is The Cells in the ancient Debtors Prison. The site has been a place of imprisonment for more than thousands of years, with the York Crown Court yet managing those accused of serious crimes.

The Shambles

It is one of the oldest streets of York and the best destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in history while exploring the city. The shops on the street provide a quality of goods ranging from jewelry, gifts to tea shops, and when wandering down the streets in the direction of the Minster, it is possible to see the tower beautifully framed by the Shambles’ shop fronts.

York Minster

It is officially known as The Cathedral and Metro political Church of St Peter in York. It is a big gothic cathedral that has towered over the Historical Place To Visit for 100 years, motivating awe in its viewers. It is situated in the center of York and a 10-minute walk from the train station. York Minster is the best destination for anyone looking to explore York’s medieval past or simply it is the most beautiful religious building in the country.

York City Walls

In various cities, you may see the remains of city walls but I suppose some are as well preserved as what you see in York. You can do a 2.6-mile walk across the city on the wall! It’s not a difficult stroll (normally flat with some stairs), and it is very scenic. Furthermore, there are numerous places where you could exit so that you don’t must commit to the whole lot.  Even though I see youngsters doing this walk, there are few parts that are narrow and the two-way traffic, I was a bit worried. If the weather is beautiful, then a city wall walk is a must.