Looking for a sunny breakout but can’t afford the flight? There are various beautiful beaches for a Seaside Day Trip and coastal spots near London, and also perfect places to be when the weather is warm and the sun is out. 

Outstandingly distinctive in their environmental make-up, these seashores afford countless vacation opportunities for all people trying to spend time beside the sea. Resorts, eating places, and super enjoyment services, including an abundance of high-quality water sports activities centres, serve lots of those beaches. Some are placed off the beaten track and make ideal retreats for those seeking peaceful oceanfront solitude. Others, meanwhile, are positioned close to ancient landmarks, buildings that assist define their character and experience of place.

Brighton, East Sussex

Brighton is one of England’s liveliest and culturally diverse towns. Its beachfront has been voted as one of the top 10 beach break destinations in the world.

With the known Brighton Pier offering a suitably iconic backdrop, the visiting place fascinates beachgoers from all around the country, as well as water sports enthusiasts, and classic beach activities like Volleyball and extreme Frisbee.

Margate, Kent

A classic English beach town with a history of supplying sea air for southerners, Margate gives large sandy Seaside Day Trip, high-quality fish and chip shops and a host of retro retailers and sublime cafes.

Billed as ‘The original Beach’, Margate has undergone something of a renaissance, with the outlet of the Turner Contemporary gallery and the refurbishment of dreamland, a hipster-friendly amusement park with rides, arcade video games and even a roller disco.

But there is nonetheless wallet of antique international seashore appeal to experience – the mysterious shell grotto is an example of Victorian kitsch and a walk along the harbour arm as the sun sets a tradition that has been observed for hundreds of years.

Mersea Island, Essex

There aren’t various seashores close to London that involve a tide timetable, however, Britain’s most easterly developed island does, being an estuary island reached thru the Strood – an ancient Roman causeway linking it with the mainland. Foodies beat a path to west Mersea several oyster bars, whilst fossil hunters and nature-fanatics make for east Mersea quiet beaches subsidized through cliffs which have found out shark’s teeth and animal bones courting lower back 300,000 years.

How to get there: Approximately one hour by train from London Liverpool road to Colchester, then a 45-minute bus to Mersea Island and approximately two hours through the car.

Whitstable, Kent

Roundabout one and a half hours from St Pancras, Cannon Street or Victoria stations.

A smuggler’s haven for the duration of the Napoleonic wars, Whitstable is a beautiful city set at the north coast of Kent.

Similarly, famous for its oysters, the city is a jumble of twisting lanes and wooden shacks where you can dine on seafood and browse quirky shops run with the aid of the increasingly bohemian locals.

The seashores are pretty good, too. Purchase a cup of whelks, sit on the pebbles and admire the view.

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