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Time To Ride Your Best Travelling Moments

If you have a special event to attend, you probably don’t have to worry about managing transportation issues on your own. Driving yourself to a big wedding or major business meeting may seem a little annoying, if you have a long drive to the place or are required to pay for costly parking. Thankfully, Pioneer Travels can provide you with an easy solution. Established in 2012, Pioneer Travels is one of the Best Travelling Companies which is providing customers with access to the greatest and most efficient airport taxi and mini bus hire services around for over 10 years.

Based in the Quays Salford, it is the only travelling company in UK, which is home to taxi and mini bus hiring services and products that is catering to nation-wide transport rides, since 2015, for all occasions.
Over the years, this travelling company, UK has played a leading role in shaping the transport industry of the country. Believing in the philosophy of ‘first class travel’ which is built around the client particular needs; Pioneer Travels is sure to make your experience a memorable one, where you can relax and enjoy the comfort and convenience of finest services.

It is the best travelling company which has vast experience with special moments and functions of all kinds. Our team members are highly professional and have in-depth understanding of how perfect events are for everyone. That’s why we at Pioneer Travels go the extra mile to give people access to special events transport services which is top of the line. It is the best traveling company where experts work dedicatedly and carefully to give customers specific event-driven transportation which is smooth, safe, timely and grand. Whether you need ‘Business Transport Services’ or executive luxury cars/limousine to attend a wedding or a milestone birthday bash, you can put full confidence in our competent team. We want to make your transportation service experience ‘famous.’

Travelling from One Place to Another

Our Travelling Services In UK are diverse and plentiful. When you want access to premier limousines, luxury cars and buses, Pioneer Travels does not let down. You can pick and choose between the Cadillac luxury sedan and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter limousine. If you’re having a difficult time figuring out which specific vehicle type would perfectly match your special day, inform us. We can help you pick a vehicle that will make your transportation experience amazing. Providing quality customer service, being able to discuss with someone and going beyond your expectations are all of paramount significance to us. We are here to help and answer your questions via the phone, online chat or email.

Pioneer Travels continues on its vision to give voice to smaller transport companies as it has assisted over 1000 taxi companies to develop by investing in successful marketing strategies. It is the Best Travelling Companies, UK which offers maximum growth opportunities for all to excel and make their travelling dreams come true.

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Best Things To Do In Amsterdam!

It is one of the cities you can explore several times! You never get bored Travelling With Pioneer! With its beautiful canal network, world-class museums, and rich history, it is considered the world’s most vibrant city.

The one thing about Amsterdam that’s cool is that it’s the best destination for anybody looking for a place to rest their head. Amsterdam is a great place to find some stunning areas to take a break from the usual routine.

Here Are The Top Things To Do In Amsterdam Listed Below:

  • Stroll Around Vondelpark
  • Visit Rijksmuseum
  • Explore Royal Palace
  • Discover the City through the Canals

Stroll Around Vondelpark:

Vondelpark is one of the top sites in Amsterdam. It is most popular, and Vondelpark is 120 acres of landscaped grounds in the middle of the city. The park opened in 1865 and is still as popular as ever.

Many tourists and visitors love this park for exercising, dog walking, strolling, sitting on the grass and much more. It is the best place to relax from daily stress.

Visit Rijksmuseum:

It is one of the famous and largest museums in the Netherlands. It is in an admirable building on Museum Square.

Rijksmuseum closed for ten years for general renovation and restoration and re-opened in 2013. It has 800 exhibits which include paintings by Frans Hall and Johannes Vermeer.

Explore Royal Palace In Amsterdam:

Royal Palace is one of the best places in Amsterdam. It is situated at Dam Square and is considered an impressive building.

The architecture of the building is stunning and stands out from other buildings in Amsterdam. Even if you have one day Travelling With Pioneer to Amsterdam, you must visit the Royal Palace. It was constructed around 1650. The interior of the palace is so beautiful, and also there are a lot of beautiful paintings on display.

Discover The City Through The Canals

Amsterdam’s location on the water means that a ship excursion is a must-to-do in this city. With over one hundred kilometers of canals, Amsterdam can be explored from the water at the same time as seated quite simply.

In case you’re Travelling With Pioneer with youngsters and the best way to keep away from having to stroll long distances whilst nevertheless attending to see some of the points of interest that make this city popular.

Of course, there are also different excursion operators in Amsterdam that provide canal cruises. A few include drinks, snacks, or even dinners and offer a suitable way to loosen up after a long day of sightseeing in the metropolis. There are also audio publications in different languages, so you can learn more about the charming history and culture of Amsterdam.

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Hire a coach for school trips

Hire A coach For School Trips

Hiring a coach can frequently be the most convenient method of transportation, whether it is a wedding transfer or a trip to school. Travelling in a large group can prove to be cost-effective. At Pioneer Travels, we provide coach hire for school trips. You can Hire A Coach For School Trip our coach and experienced drivers to take you wherever you want in the UK at an affordable price! We are the industry leaders in Minibus and Coach hire. 

Our coaches and minibuses are checked regularly. Therefore our vehicles are always at a good standard. Everybody wants to travel comfortably and pleasantly. They don’t want to travel in a messy coach. All our vehicles are modern, which gives the passengers the confidence that the trip will run smoothly. 

School Trip Transport

If you are looking to Hire A Coach For School Trip, then you go nowhere! We want to offer many resources and the best ideas for school group trip organiser to be plan a school trip. If you have no coach or bus, so hire our coach for your trip. 

We will help you in this process: the things to determine are how big your group is? Size of a coach or van, or what is the cost implication of this? Well get the exact number to fit on a coach would be perfect, so no waste on cost. Our team members will be able to help in all matters. 

At Pioneer Travels, we can provide you with the option of having an onboard entertainment system. These include air-conditioned and heated seats, WIFI connection, Bluetooth audio system and mobile phone charger. If you require a coach or Minibus for wedding transfer, we can fulfil this requirement. We ensure you specify your transport requirements to make sure the service is best for you. 

Your Student’s Security Is Our Priority

Our entire team is well-trained to work with children. We always try to fulfil the requirements of every student. But if you have any questions, feel free to ask. The most important thing is your peace of mind for us. 

Our Vehicles Are Safe And Reliable:

We check our vehicles regularly for best performance and safety. We also make sure that the vehicles are clean and suitable for you. 

Reliable Transport For Children

Our coaches and minibuses give a comfortable and reliable transport service to children. We have many years of experience in providing hiring service for any occasion. 

For a secure, punctual, and certified school trip coach service, get in touch with us at Pioneer Travels today. Call us on +441617913457. We will find you the best transport solution for your trip. For more details, visit our website 

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Most cool places in the uk

5 Places We’re Dreaming About In 2021

Dream Place like never before, where you decide to travel, and why, has an effect. Your PTO might be limited, however, your vacation options are probably as long as the menu at The Cheesecake Factory. Flights, especially worldwide ones, have never been less expensive. Doors between societies have been flung open. The world, as is commonly said, is your oyster.

In case you become paralyzed by such a large number of decisions or neglect to think of all the more convincing motivation to visit a place just Instagramming something, we felt free to accomplish all the work for you. To start with, we searched for places where 2020 would be a banner year: a total solar eclipse in the most enchanted scene on Earth, an amazing commemoration, a once in a blue moon worldwide event for the sake of manageability and advancement. This train just stops once, people, so you should be on it.

We needed something for everybody, in (almost) all aspects of the world – from the ideal, shoes-off Mexican seashore town to Europe’s new Cool Kid funding to a definitive Patagonian road trip. We searched for elite food, history, and design, otherwise known as the great stuff. More than anything, we searched for places near the precarious edge of progress, regardless of whether it be more guests, a greater turn of events, or another generation taking the reins. Most basic is the advancement being made in the conservation department, and how you, answerable traveler, can support and engage with associations taking genuine steps toward a more sustainable planet.

For trip-arranging purposes, we’ve incorporated an inspirational agenda for each objective, packed with stories and advice from somebody who’s really been there. The main thing we didn’t do is purchase your flight.


In a couple of years, you won’t have the option to discuss economical cities without first referencing Singapore. Modern, different, and effective, this urbanized island imports 90% of its products and quite a bit of its water. Which means, preservation isn’t theoretical – it’s existential.

Wherever you look, Singapore is running toward maintainability, be it little scope (housetop cultivating, hotels with zero carbon footprint, food squander creatively repurposed in cocktail bars) or monstrous, eye-popping statements. Giant, sun oriented controlled “SuperTrees” give energy to a modern urban greenspace, and the world’s biggest indoor cascade runs on reused rainwater.


It’s difficult to tell whether cheesemaker Sepp Hechenberger is radiant or furious when entering his timber cabin and dairy farm, about a mile up the Wilder Kaiser Mountain in the Austrian Alps. He’s tossing 50-pound wheels of his honor winning “Bergkäse” (mountain cheese, which runs almost 600 euros a fly back around) over his basement while requesting – or possibly hollering? –that you drink more schnapps, eat up, and like it, damn it. Dream place.

Portland, Maine

Portland is in vogue. Weed is lawful, the food scene is broadly beloved, and it’s without any assistance enhancing a more established older-skewing state known for an overall absence of diversity. Twenty to thirty-year-olds and Gen Xers make up the biggest portion of the populace, which has seen the quantity of foreign-born occupants multiplied to 11% since 2000. Today, you’ll hear many dialects intermixing with lobstermen’ rough drone, while a portion of the world’s best seafood restaurants exists alongside worldwide cuisine representing Thai, Chinese, Somalian, Sudanese, and even El Salvadorian impacts dream place.

Sicily, Italy

On the off chance that you’ve actually thoughtful considered carrying on with the expat Italian way of life – where you keep up a year-round glow, take day by day aperitivo along the ocean, and watch the world go by behind larger than sunglasses from a cafe in an extravagant piazza – you’ve dreamed of Sicily.

At the tip of the boot, this island oozes the Old World rapture of the dolce far niente. Sicily is Italy on steroids, a place that is known for differentiation and metaphor where a few things never show signs of change (men of their word in Coppola caps; two-hour snacks; the crude exotic nature of each Antonio and Giovanna), even in a scene that changes significantly inside any 30-mile drive, from rough precipices to wide sandy seashores to green rolling hills.

Tokyo, Japan

With almost 40 million occupants, 100 train lines, and 150,000 or more cafés, Tokyo has for some time been viewed as lumbering or impervious to outsiders. Nonetheless, its mind-blowing food, customary culture, and modern advancements all accompany a shockingly affordable price tag and relative ease of route with dream place. Furthermore, presently, as the Tokyo Olympics loom, travelers are at last remembering it as the fundamental and accessible objective it may be.

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